Horrifying free zombie pokies games online for you

Take on the Living Dead in Zombie Pokies Games

Zombies! They’re the latest horror and paranormal craze to sweep over the world. Are they evil, or just misunderstood? Doesn’t really seem to matter – whatever their moral state, we’re reading about them, watching movies starring them, playing computer games where we fight them, and contemplating just how exactly we might protect ourselves against the walking dead in the case of a highly unlikely zombie apocalypse. Now there’s a new way to play in the zombie zone, with free zombie pokies online! If you’re in the mood for some zombie money mayhem, try the aptly named Zombies game, which features severed brains (yum!), blood stained weapons, floating eyeballs, circular saws, gas masks, the dreaded ‘Z’ virus… and a WILD tile to give you a better chance of spinning up some matching tiles. The middle column contains a zombie, who can provide multi-row wildcards. Spin up three of the Z virus vial tiles anywhere on screen to win free spins, with a mini-game after each spin that consists of shooting zombies and winning points! Get three WILD tiles along any payline to win a bonus amount. You can play these zombie pokies games with free download directly to your browser with no registration and no deposit – easy!