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Nothing’s bedevilled and intrigued mankind down through the ages quite like war. Love it or hate it, war has shaped human history and made some incredibly memorable moments along the way. Now you have a chance to bring the theme of war to the world of online gambling and be the commander of an army, with our wide range of free war pokies games. Enter the war zone of some of the most famous battles ever fought. Play Battleship style penny slots and cheer if you manage to spin up a victory and win yourself a jackpot. Anywhere that you can think to go, we’ve tried to find a game to suit. Always wanted to see the Spartans fight? Play Age of Spartans and test your gaming skills against those champions of old. Prefer the navy, maybe the English empire ships fighting off Napolean, or the Vikings out to plunder some merchant vessels? Try out Dragon Ship, with its shields, horns, axes, treasure chests, fierce warriors, and wild dragons. Are you more of a science fiction fan who’d prefer something space based? Have a whirl at Invaders, a cute cartoon-y alien themed game with alien war spaceship, ringed planets, and unexplainable symbols. Play for fun on our no-limit war pokies games!