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Space! Talk about the final frontier… it’s the perfect representation of a vast place that’s ripe for exploration and adventure. Whether alien invaders are attacking Earth like in Independence Day, we’re flying between stars fighting in interstellar battles like in Star Wars, or exploring new stars and planets for intelligent life or a chance of terraforming, the idea of space is one that’s fertile ground for the imagination. Our space pokies games take up that challenge and bring it into the arena of penny slots, providing fun and imaginative games based around space and intergalactic wars. Invaders! is a great example of the genre. It features incredibly cute aliens, UFOs, newspaper reports of sightings, holograms, Area 51 signposts, abductions, and exoplanets. Golden Planet is another of our favourite space themed games, containing space adventurers, robots, little green men, and spaceships. Both of these games contain autospin functionality to allow you to play without focussing strictly on your game. They’re also instant play, which allows them to be loaded in a browser window and played automatically, with no downloads and no installations. So reach for the stars – play a space casino games today!