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No Regrets – Free Second Chance Pokies Online

Second chance pokies games are an unusual subset of the usual gambling games that you find online. They usually look much like ordinary games, but with an additional section. It might contain dice, a spinning segmented wheel with a different prize on each segment, a bingo card, an extra slot row, a row of ducks, or any number of other mini-game options. The mini-game is triggered by a certain combination of symbols, or sometimes just a single symbol appearing anywhere on your screen. When you trigger the mini-game, you get an extra chance (hence the name ‘second chance’ for the game category) to win money and prizes. The bonuses can be quite substantial, and sometimes the mini-games are your best or only chance to win the ultimate jackpot prize. And these mini-games generally don’t cost any extra credits to play – it’s like betting your stake a second time over, so you can’t lose… only win! Remember, you can play any and all of our awesome game collection with no real money in no limit pokies games – if you run out of credits, just reload the page and start the game over! Perfect when you want to play for fun.