Score Big with Free Online Scatter Pokies Games

Random Wonder! Free Online Scatter Pokies Games

Scatter symbol pokies! These are some of the most fun gambling games around. Want to know why? If not, stop reading now, because we’re going to tell you all about them. These nifty games add an extra chance for you to win great prizes by introducing a ‘scatter’ symbol. If you spin up at least a certain number of these symbols anywhere on your reels – doesn’t need to be along one payline, or from the left side across in a row, or in a single column – then you get a chance at winning extra. Even if you already won on that spin! The game might respond by giving you a mini-game of some sort, where you might have to make a blind choice from a number of prize options or guess which card (usually a choice between ‘red’ and ‘black’) will be dealt next from a deck. Other games instead give you a number of free spins, often with a multiplier that’s active during the free spins. For example, you might get three times the usual winnings during those spins, and then you go back to normal. Some pokies games combine the two approaches for even more fun. Come and play for fun today!