Learn how to play free respin pokies online

Triple the Fun in Respin Pokies – Free Games

Free respin pokies online are one of our favourite types of gambling game ever! The super feature that gets us all excited is this: you can spin the reels, then choose any reel to respin. For example, if you see that you’d have a high-paying layout if only the first reel had come up with different symbols, you can respin just that reel, leaving the other reels exactly as they are. If you can spin up the symbols you’re hoping for, then you get just the same prizes or bonus games as you would if you spun up the combination in a normal spin. But beware of the cost! In most games, each reel respin is not free, but will come at a cost. This might range from one credit to several hundred credits, and it can cost much more than the cost of a whole new spin. So choose your respins wisely – look for the opportunity to win big outweighs the cost of the respin. For this, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the paytable – most games will have a ‘Paytable’ or ‘View Pays’ button that lets you see which combination of symbols pay which amounts. Keep an eye out for wild cards, too. Learn how to win big on this pokies game type!