Have a little flutter on free phoenix pokies

Rise to the Challenge of Phoenix Casino Pokies Online

Popularised by the Harry Potter movies, phoenixes are an important symbol to many people – and they have been for thousands of years in many cultures, from China to Greece and beyond. They symbolise rising out of crushing adversity and blazing fire as a new person – reborn. For other people, they’re just a really cool mythological bird that dies and resurrects itself. If you’d like to see more of these amazing creatures, our free phoenix pokies are a great way to do it. Try the Phoenix game, with mysterious Eastern-inspired music and full of phoenix features like eggs, eyes, Chinese characters, and phoenix symbols from throughout history. Phoenix and the Dragon is another game available, and this one celebrates the traditional Chinese pairing of the phoenix as yin (female) and the dragon as yang (male), symbolising marital bliss. In this phoenix pokies game, the dragon acts as a scatter symbol, and the yin yang symbol acts as a wild card. If you spin up a phoenix on the first reel and a dragon on the last reel, or vice versa, then you have a chance at a mini-game in which you bet on a battle between the two. Play for fun and good fortune today!