Hold Up and Play Free Nudge and Hold Pokies Games

Play Free No Download Online Nudge and Hold Pokies Games

Nudge and hold pokies games are a classic form of progressive gambling games that allow you spin the reels as normal, but then to select certain reels to ‘hold’ over to the next spin. This allows you to pick a great column and see if you can turn it into lots of prize money. For an example, have a look at Ocean Princess. This game uses a single row for your first spin. If you click ‘hold’ on any of the columns, the symbol on the corresponding tile will populate to the rest of the tiles in that column. The next spin populates the remaining tiles. You won’t be able to hold any of the tiles from this spin. The spin after it again uses a single row, and allows you to hold and populate one or more tiles from the row. ‘Wild’ and turtle tiles are automatically held and propagated, but you can reverse this if you want (we strenuously recommend that you don’t!). This type of pokies game is great for the strategy lovers, as there are a number of different methods that you can use to maximise your winnings. Learn how to win big using our free-to-play games.