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Silent but Deadly - Free Play Ninja Pokie Machines Online

Ninjas! Out of all historical military groups, these seem to be the ones that have most captured our Western imaginations and entered into our culture in the oddest ways. Once upon a time, in feudal Japan, a ninja or shinobi was a covert agent – sort of like a medieval James Bond with a kimono instead of a tuxedo. While they’re often conflated with samurai, the spirit of each was actually quite different – ninjas were sneaky and underhanded, dressing in disguises to find out information about the enemy, whereas samurai were very above board and straightforward in their dealings with their foes. Ninjas were silent ghosts in the night, slipping into hidden places to hear whispered secrets and take them back to their warlord masters. These days, we can celebrate the ninjas of old with ninja pokies games like Ninja Star, which features throwing stars, katanas, nunchucks, Japanese characters, palaces, and of course, ninjas themselves, dressed in the traditional black clothes. Play any of our ninja themed pokies games with no installation – just start them up in your internet browser window for instant playing action. All completely free, with no cost and no deposit needed.