Multi game video pokies give you even more fun

Multiply Your Winnings – Multi-Game Video Pokies

Multi-game pokies online are gambling games that include other miniature games within them. A classic example is a game that launches a mini-game whenever three or more lucky symbols appear on the screen. These games frequently give the player a number of options to choose from, and the results of that choice might provide a simple credit bonus, or a number of free spins, sometimes with a multiplier on it too. Other games allow the player to bet their latest winnings. These mini-games are often 50-50 guessing games, where the player selects the result of a coin toss (heads or tails) or of a dealt card (red or black). If the guess is correct, the player can either continue to another round of the mini-game or take the money and go back to the main game. These mini-games within the main games can be a great source of revenue. Depending on how they’re triggered and paid out, the optimal strategies will differ. For example, if the trigger is three specific symbols anywhere on the screen, you won’t need to play more than three paylines (if that) in order to maximise your chances of getting to play one. You can also experiment with whether the mini-game pays out on the ‘bet per line’ amount or the ‘total bet’ amount.