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The Middle East is a region filled with a rich tapestry of history and mythology. From ancient Arabia to modern-day Turkey; from Egypt to Lebanon, the Middle East has so much culture that we can admire and be amazed by. We have a lighter mode of appreciating this region and its long history, with our free Middle East pokies games. Arabian Nights has a selection of symbols from the classic collection of handmaiden’s tales: brass oil lamps and flying carpets from Aladdin; the handmaiden herself, veiled and beautiful; peacock coloured doorways into secret harem gardens. Three Wishes is a comic-style game that features crystal balls and tame monkeys; sultan’s rubies and caravan camels; bowls of fruit and belly dancers; Arabic snake charming baskets and gleaming bricks of yellow gold, worth a fortune. Platinum Pyramid features animal-headed gods, the eye of God Ra, Cleopatra, blue lotuses, ankhs, and of course, pyramids. Match three of the latter anywhere on screen to spark off a bonus game. Pyramid Plunder is a quirky papyrus-look game with sphinxes, mummies, sacred bead collars, and scrolls. Play all of our Middle East themed pokies 100% free of charge, no deposit ever requested.