Play Mob Boss in Registration Free Mafia Pokies

If you’ve watched the Godfather movies over and over, you might just love our mafia pokies games! Imagine gambling games full of 1920’s Chicago gangsters imagery – Cuban cigars, gang wars, pistols, bottles of wine, shotguns, briefcases packed to the brim with money, mob bosses, maps of Sicily, and family crest rings. For a great mafia-themed game, try out Slotfather – an animated 3D game full of zany gangsters based – tongue in cheek – on the old Cosa Nostra. Join the Slotfather, Fat Tony, Jimmy Quickfingers, Enjoy the animated shorts, and getting to know the characters, while you play this fantastic free game. Try to bring up three pistols to win a chance to get bonus spins and a multiplier on each free spin – just choose a bullet hole to find out how many spins and what sort of multiplier you’ve won. Spin up three mob bosses to play a bonus game. And there are some other surprises in store for you – there are sneaky ways to win extra prizes in this game! It gets even better, because all of these mafia-themed pokies games are free to play, and they can be played within your smartphone, iPad or tablet browser window. Win millions in crime – and have fun!