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Jewels! Their brilliant colours, scintillating shine, and clear depths intrigue and enthral us. For time immemorial, we’ve prized jewels above almost everything else. From the Egyptians to the Saxons; from the Mayans to the Visigoths; from China to Alaska and everywhere in between. We all love gemstones and most of us have a favourite. We put them into jewellery and wear them on neck, wrist, fingers, and forehead. Our princesses wear them in crowns. We use diamonds as symbols of everlasting love, and to denote perfect glamour. Exceptionally large and unflawed stones are deemed to be worth millions, like the famed Jewel of Arabia and the Jewel of the Nile. And of course, we love jewels and crystals in our jewel pokies games! Whether the theme be jungle, orient, or the pacific, jewels feature widely – usually as high-scoring matches. Our free jewels and gems pokies games feature a startling range of gemstones, like rubies, emeralds, topazes, sapphires, citrines, opals, and a whole lot more. Plus we’ve ensured that you can play our games without having to pay or enter any details about yourself. Enjoy the scenery and learn how to win real money here. No fuss, instant play, lots of treasure.