Australian Insect pokies games online here and now

Get Buggy – Insect Pokies Games for Free

They’re fuzzy, they’re furry, they’re creepy and crawly… love them or hate them, insects are everywhere! Beetles and bugs, butterflies and bees, ants and aphids and caterpillars. They pollinate our fruit and vegetables. They invade our homes. They beautify our trees and random perching locations as they flutter about. Some of them sting. Some of them just look pretty. Whatever your feelings towards them, they make an interesting and fun game when they’re added as tiles in our insect pokies games online. Spin the reels to discover scarab beetles, crickets, mosquitos, butterflies and moths. Try out the Beetle Frenzy penny slot game, featuring jewel-coloured beetles, flowers, and jars of lightning bugs. Match three symbols across a payline to win a prize. Or play Travel Bug, a game starring a bevy of cute little bugs, happy beetles, and transport options like aeroplanes and trains. Or play games with wild bees, featuring a range of cartoon characters and a bee who randomly stings a character, turning them into a wildcard and giving you more opportunities to win with the remaining tiles that you spun up in the round. Play now for fun or as an enjoyable learning experience – play insect pokies games online instantly in your browser with no downloads.