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Catch the Gold Rush Fever with Gold Pokies Games

If there’s one substance that has intrigued and enthralled humans from the dawn of time, it must be gold. We use it in so many ways in this modern age, from jewellery to electronics and industrial applications. Its gleam has attracted millions and caused huge gold rushes in California and Australia alike. Men have turned to thievery and murder to get their hands on this beautiful yellow metal. Is it any wonder, then, that we have such an array of gold pokies online in our collection? You can lose yourself in a world where the chance of discovering an unimaginable fortune lay just around the next corner (or maybe the one beyond that). Go searching for the fabled city of gold. "Where is the Gold" you ask? Go down the gold mine and assemble a trio of gold diggers to win a prize – match three factories to amass some extra coins – spin up three or more gold bars to win the ultimate jackpot. Catch the gold fever! Take a chance and see what Lady Luck brings you today. And the best bit is, our gold pokies games are absolutely free. No deposits or payments needed – you never need to risk your own money.