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The Best Pub Style Fruit Machines Online for Free

Fruit machines – the popular name for gambling machines that use pictures of fruit like cherries and bananas – have a long and intriguing history. Nowadays you can find free games online and gamble on them without a problem, but once upon a time, life wasn’t so simple if you wanted to do a spot of gambling. In the late 19th century, gambling was frowned upon and the use of machines with which to do it outlawed in many places. Fruit machines were developed in America to show wholesome fruit rather than (unwholesome) cards, and they often paid out in products like sweets rather than money, getting around the ‘gambling’ label. They typically had three spinning columns, in contrast to the five usually seen on pokie games. Nowadays, this type of gambling machines is especially popular in British and Australian pubs and clubs.


Play free retro fruit machine games

If you like to incorporate a little nostalgia into your day, this is a perfect way to do it. Celebrate an older, more innocent time from the comfort of your own lounge with free online fruit games right here on this site. Go for an old-fashioned look or something shiny and new – we have a great range of free fruit machine games to play, and they’re all web-based, meaning that you don’t have to download and install any game software before you start to play with strawberries, cherries, bananas, watermelon, plums, pineapples, BAR, 777, 77777 symbols.

How to play free fruit pokies

Click on the Spin button to start the fruit pokies reels rolling! That’s the important bit. Match the fruit along the rows, or in patterns between rows if you’ve chosen to play with a multiplier. In a typical three-column game, you’ll win a little cash for two matching fruit in one row, and win big for three matching fruit in one row. You’ll quickly figure out which fruit pay out highest in the game you’ve selected. As mentioned, these days you can play with many different options. You can play just one row, or as many as is displayed on-screen (anywhere from one to sixty). You can change the credit size, which affects how much cash each credit is worth, a little like swapping five $100 chips for one hundred $5 chips at the casino. You can change how many credits will be bet on each spin, which also changes the payout you receive on a win. You can decide whether you want to play with multipliers, which increase your chances of winning by adding a number of line patterns along which the game can match fruit. Or, if you’re feeling bored with the plethora of options, you can just click on the Max Bet button to bet the maximum number of credits with the maximum number of multipliers.