Hitch up the mule and play farm animal pokies today

Be a Cowboy for a Day – Play Farm Pokies!

Whether you’re a country bumpkin born and bred, or a city slicker dreaming of country life, whether ranches and cowboys are in your blood or only in your wildest dreams, you’re sure to love our range of farm animal pokies games. They feature a wide range of the sweetest, most adorable farm animals to be found anywhere in the world – from pink piglets reminiscent of the much-beloved Porky Pig to fluffy ducklings; from woolly sheep frolicking through a paddock to big cows with gorgeous brown eyes and udders full of fresh creamy milk; from shaggy dogs who protect the farm to sleek black cats who prey on the rats trying to steal grain. Our games have it all, complete with realistic sound effects and fun animations whenever you win a prize. Head on down to the farm to win a fortune in silver and gold coins. Round up five sheep or get chickens to lay five eggs in a row to win a big prize. Whichever way you play it, whether you win or lose, you’re bound to have a tractor load of fun. With no real money at stake and unlimited refreshes of every pokies game, there’s nothing to ruin your enjoyment.