Make a wish and play our fairytale pokies online

Find the Pot of Gold in Fairytale Pokies Online

If you ever thought that fairytales were just for kids – you couldn’t be more wrong! Fairytales and fantasy bring magic and sparkle to the everyday, and save us all from becoming too staid and boring by showing us another side to life. The imagination is a wonderful thing, and we could all do with giving it some exercise now and then. In this spirit, we present our free fairytale pokies games – full of glitter, wonder, and joy. Start up a game to lose yourself in a different world – one peopled with witches and love potions, leprechauns and lucky charms, goblins and jewels dragged from deep within the earth and lovingly polished into magical orbs. Get rich matching up fairytale creatures… win a fortune at free bonus games in Fairyland itself. But be careful! It’s not all sunshine and unicorns. Evil lurks around every corner, and you might just find yourself turned into a toad… but that seems unlikely, right? Fact is, you don’t have much to lose with these games, except perhaps your ennui. All Fairytale pokies are instantly played, require no downloads, and you have no registration process to go through. Just load them up and start playing.