Free explorer pokies for the perfect adrenalin rush

Ship Ahoy! Online Explorer Pokies for Free

The explorers of old took their lives in their own hands – and frequently lost them! – in search of adventure, treasure, and new lands to conquer in the name of their homelands. Think Marco Polo, travelling through medieval China and meeting the Kublai Khan; Columbus seeking a safe passage to India and discovering instead the continent of North America; Captain Cook, sailing far south in search of the rumoured Terra Nullius; or aristocrat-Admiral Nelson, fighting pirates. Our suite of free explorer pokies takes a nostalgic look back at that golden Age of Exploration, with its brave explorers, hearty navigators, and cruise ships. So get out your astrolabe, strap on your sabre, and sail the high seas to find treasure the likes of which you’ve never before seen. Explore new lands, find startling treasure troves, and play bonus games and free rounds that will knock your socks off with the level of jackpots on offer. These online explorer pokies games, with their high stakes, free spins and fantastic rewards, are a great way to learn the ins and outs of some of complex gambling games on the market today. You can figure out how to win big through the bonus rounds available, without risking too much on the standard spins.