The Jurassic Park at home with free dinosaur pokies

Go Dino-Mad with Our Download Free Dinosaur Pokies Games!

Huge or tiny, scaled or winged… dinosaurs have been capturing our imaginations ever since the first fossils and skeletons were dug out of the earth. From the terrifying king of the dinos, Tyrannosaurus Rex, to the cute little jungle-dwelling Microceratops; from the flying Velociraptors to the swimming Sauroposeidons, the stunning variety and alien nature of these creatures have always intrigued us. Many of us played with dinosaurs as children… read books about them, and watched them capering on television too. Bring them back to life today, just like Jurassic Park but minus the danger, with our free dinosaur pokies machine games online. Play casino games that hearken back to the dawn of the dinosaurs, like the adorable Back in Time. It features dinosaur eggs and the cutest dinosaur babies you’ve ever seen it a classic 3 x 3 penny slot layout. Match 3 pink-spotted eggs across any row, column, or diagonal to win the jackpot amount. What’s more, you can also put a hold on specific tiles to keep them during the next spin. Here’s a hint – hold the wild cards! The more wild cards on your reels, the better your chances of winning. Learn how to win big on free online dinosaur pokies games right here with no risk for real money.