Roll up and win a jackpot on free dice pokies game

Kick it Up a Notch – Free No Download Dice Pokies!

No real money Dice pokies games online add an extra level of gaming fun to your usual penny slot, Monte Carlo style. Instead of just clicking a Spin button to get some reels spinning, you can also roll dice to gamble on your wins and sometimes just get an extra amount without risking any of your credits at all! The hot Dragon Dice or Dolphin Dice game is a great example of this genre, with royal sevens and bars. Spin up a BONUS symbol anywhere on your screen to roll the die on the side of your screen. Whatever number you roll, this is the number of spaces around the die that the prize selector will move. And once a prize is selected, that doesn’t have to be the end of the game – you can choose to take that prize or ditch it for a try at a better one. But be warned: you can only do this twice before you’re stuck with whatever prize is selected. Another potential prize option is a chance at the Super Spin, which could win you anything from absolute nothing to the current amount in the progressive jackpot bucket. Your strategy for this instant-play dice pokies could involve playing only three lines with a high dollar-to-credit ratio, and playing for the big bucks on the bonus craps games in Australia.