Indulge in cops and robbers pokies games for fun

You Can Play Cops and Robbers Pokies – Free Online!

Did you play cops and robbers as a kid? Running around with your mates, ambushing them from secret locations, tackling them to the ground, and making your ‘collar’? Recreate some of those fun times of old with our cops and robbers pokies games. Barrack for the gangsters to crack the safe, make the heist, and tiptoe away uncaught by the police – or cheer for the cops to catch the criminal, lock him in handcuffs, and haul him away to gaol. Either way, you end up winning, with piles of diamonds and bags of cash up for grabs in these exciting gambling games. They’re full of police cars, criminals, gemstones, gangsters, gaol cells, hangdog prisoners, jewellery, and exulting successful thieves. You can spin up a perfect crime or make a newsworthy bust, all in the same game. Check out ‘Cops ‘N’ Robbers’ as a great example of the genre. Not only does it contain all of the classic elements you’d hope for and expect, it also features some cool animations and allows you to set up auto play so that you can enjoy the cops and robbers pokies without tiring out your fingers clicking the mouse button every few seconds. Play instantly, no downloads needed!