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Spending a whole weekend debating the merits of the DC universe over the Marvel universe (or vice versa) might seem like a waste of time to some, but others of us understand the fun and enjoyment inherent in talking with like-minded individuals about something that we’re passionate about. Especially when it comes to something like graphic novels and comic books, where the backstories and backgrounds to the stories are so incredibly rich and textured. We’ve searched high and low, then put together a wonderful selection of the most awesome free comics pokies to be found on the world wide web. You can combine your love of comics with your desire for high adrenalin fun with our gambling games – watch as your favourite DC comics or Marvel comics characters slide down onto your screen each time you click on the Spin button. Choose to see them in their comic book or movie character forms. And then match up at least three of them in a row along a payline from the left of the screen to win prizes. Get three wildcards to win free spins. Get three scatter symbols anywhere on the screen to set off one of the fantastic bonus comics pokies.