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Cleopatra! Queen of the Nile, beautiful beyond measure… her fame has echoed down through the ages and captured the imagination of countless men and women throughout history. Lover of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony; pharaoh of all of Egypt; one of the most powerful women who ever lived, and who affected the course of Roman history itself. Her story is one of amazing strength of character and incredible passion, a woman full of life and beauty and love. She was so admired and venerated throughout the ages that many poets and writers penned lines in her honour – the most famous arguably being Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra. Celebrate her fame by playing one of our beautiful and beguiling free Cleopatra pokies online. Immerse yourself in Ancient Egypt – surrounded by sand, searching for gold and other treasure amid the pyramids and steles. Look at the wonders that you can spin up on the reels – scarab beetles and scintillating jewels, golden necklaces and asps. Crown yourself King of the Nile by spinning up five piles of gold and winning an amazing jackpot. And you can do it right here, no installation, no email needed, just an instant play for free cleopatra pokie game.