Have a Flutter with Bird and Plumage Pokies Online

Play Bird and Plumage Pokies Games in Australia Online

Let your fancy take flight with our range of beautiful feather-themed gambling games. We’ve scoured the internet to find you the very best of bird and plumage pokies online. These games are an ornithologist’s cornucopia of delights, with a staggering variety of real-life and imaginary birds from around the globe. Our avian games provide you with a veritable rainbow of colour and an absolute cacophony of sound. We have songbirds, birds of prey, honey-eaters… and a personal favourite, the emu! And of course, bird-themed games just wouldn’t be complete without eggs. They’re scattered through the games, and can provide some great prizes if matched up within rows. Some free online bird and plumage pokies even have golden eggs – match five of those to win yourself a jackpot of truly titanic proportions! If you’re a fan of the popular app ‘Angry Birds’, then you’re bound to find the gambling game, Happy Birds, to be absolutely adorable. It combines the style and charm of the app with the thrill and excitement of the penny slots. Plus, it features an Auto-Bet button that allows you to set a number of spins (you can enter over 100) and then chill out as the game plays itself for you. Easy peasy!