Sit back and let pokies with autoplay do the work

Fantastic Free Online Pokies Games with Autoplay

Are you the sort of person who gets frustrated with repeatedly clicking your mouse button to set off spins on your gambling games? Pokies with autoplay are the perfect antidote to your irritation and ennui, with no limits. There are a number of types of games that offer this functionality, and they provide you with the ability to select the number of autoplays that the game should make on your behalf, then sit back and watch the reels go around. The game will automatically stop for you if you spin up something like an extra in-game mini-game, free spins, or a chance to double up your money. If the game contains standard ‘double-up’ chances with every win, however, it won’t stop for you at each of those – only special opportunities. You can decide how many spins to let the game make on your behalf. Most games will offer 5, 10, or 20 – some will offer 50 or 100 too. If you want to take back your control of the pokies game once you’ve enabled the autoplays, though, all that you need to do is click on the STOP button (usually where the SPIN button is placed), and the rest of the autoplays will be cancelled.