Free Mobile Casino African Pokies In Australia

Free Online African Pokies Games for Android

Go on safari with these amazing African pokies with free play for as long as you like! It’s astounding – the games are so evocative of Africa, with a background of grassland and baobab trees, and reels displaying symbols of 50 lions, gorillas, zebras, monkeys, giraffes, diamonds, miners, explorers in their safari suits and pith helmets… a whole sweeping vista of the African continent, with its vast and varied landscape and inhabitants. If you’ve never been on safari but have always wanted to, these penny slots are the next best thing to actually going. Not to mention the colours of the Saharan desert, with its soothing tans and greys. Help the intrepid explorer to find the diamond mine and maybe some romance along the way. Bet up to thirty paylines of payout bliss, or just play three and rely on bonus games and free spins to make up some extra winnings. Use Double-Up to bet your most-recently won winnings on a game of heads and tails to see if you can double or quadruple (or even more!) your stake. Go wild and earn some pride – spin up a jackpot or two. These great mobile African pokies games without download are the perfect antidote to boredom and ennui.