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Heroes, myths, and monsters come crawling out of history and onto your screen in these amazing free online  adventure pokies games. Seek out the treasure map that will lead you to untold fortunes… also known as amazing, fantastic jackpots. Sail through stormy seas with Admiral Columbus to discover new lands and find new challenges to overcome. Fight alongside the Vikings of old, dodge the flame-breathing dragons, and search for shining golden coins and gemstones. Win the love of a beautiful maiden, or pat a unicorn. Walk with the gods themselves as they strive against each other and against fate itself. Are you intrigued yet? These great adventure penny slots have it all – excitement, fantasy, invention, phantoms and shades. Imagine all of your favourite creatures and characters from fairytales and myths, all around you. Be treated to a hero’s salute whenever you win a prize, and watch the party unfold when you manage to spin up the elusive and greatly sought after jackpot! The best way to win big on these adventure-themed pokies games is to play hard and fast from the start. If there are bonus games, try decreasing the number of paylines you use, as the bonus games will be set off regardless.