Free Play 7 Pokies Online with No Real Money in Australia

Seven has long been regarded – by many different cultures and beliefs, too – as a lucky number. There are seven days in the week. There are seven colours in a rainbow. Abrahamic religions often teach that seven is God’s number. The ancient Egyptians, too, regarded seven as a number of the gods, with the pharaohs employing multiples of seven wherever convenient. We don’t know why seven is a lucky number. But that’s why you see so many seven pokies available on our website. From 3-reel games where three sevens wins you the ultimate jackpot, to video slots where sevens are wild and spinning up three or more gains you bonuses and free spins. Most of the seven penny slots contain the retro fruit – cherries, melons, lemons and bananas – with sevens in either one colour or of several different colours, with each colour supplying different perks. If you’re playing gambling pokies where spinning up a number of sevens anywhere on the screen gets you a lucrative bonus game, consider limiting the number of paylines that you use to minimise your betting amount per spin. Play now – instantly and with no deposit.